Do I Need a Tailored Suit? Yes, You Do.

I doubt there’s a single person who has worn suits and disagrees that tailor made suits are the best. You don’t just look great in them, they are a perfect fit which makes them the most comfortable suiting option. Moreover, you’re going to find yourself feeling more confident than ever before. Yes, clothing does also affect your self-esteem.

But you need to be smart when you buy your custom tailored suit. If you buy from any Tom Dick and Harry you may end up with the worst piece of clothing you’ve ever seen, forget about comparing it to the suits you’ve previously worn. Tailoring is an art; an art that all tailors haven’t mastered. Getting the perfect cuts and seams that make up a suit is a whole different ball game which only tailors of the highest calibre have mastered.

To keep things simple you could argue that you’re at peace with buying an off-the-rack suit, but are you really? There’s no way you can compare one of those to a tailor-made suit which has been specifically crafted to fit YOUR body. But don’t take my word for it, you barely know me (maybe not at all?). Talk to your friends and do some research online.

There’s this awesome infographic from which showcases every important aspect of the “perfect” suit. Does your suit fit all these norms? You can check out the infographic below:

But Off-The-Rack is Quicker and Cheaper

Yes, that’s true. Buying a suit off the rack is definitely a cheaper option and you could always get it altered. But, no matter how much you alter a suit, it’s never going to fit your body perfectly. There’s this void which can never be filled.

Visiting a tailor to get yourself measured isn’t going to take you a hell lot of time. How often do you need to buy a new suit? It’s not like you’re going to the store every other month. If you see this visit as a sacrifice of your time, it’s well worth it!

Now let’s get to the other point in question – price. Yes, tailor made suits are definitely a bit more pricey than ready to buy pieces. But this small difference could make or break a corporate deal. Do you want to take that risk?

On the other hand, there are plenty of travelling tailors and online stores where you can order a custom made suit. I personally prefer to visit a tailor in person to get my measurements, but for those of you looking for an easier option, without sacrificing on the quality, you’d be better off ordering online. They teach you how to measure yourself and send them the measurements via an online form – as simple as that.

My Pick: Senszio, they are the best when it comes to bespoke suits in Chicago. I’ve spent years buying off-the-rack, but I’ll never make that mistake again.

custom suit

Reasons to Opt for a Custom Made Suit

We’ve already checked out some of the many reasons why a custom tailored suit outperforms their ready-to-buy counterparts, but let’s just focus on the 2 main reasons you should not buy “easy”:

The Fit

It’s definitely better to order a custom made suit with a lower quality fabric if the price is too much of an issue when compared to buying an off-the-rack suit that costs a similar price using a more expensive material. Of course, you’re going to want to make sure that the material is good enough to last a while and more importantly it should look good on you.

Plenty of Style Options

Since you’re going to the tailors, why not take it an extra step and customise your suit to your liking? All the top tailors are going to offer you a booklet with modern styles and cuts for you to pick from.